Acunetix WVS Free Edition8.020120509Acunetix

Tested Against WAVSEP Version:

The Reflected XSS Detection Accuracy of the Scanner:
Detection AccuracyChart
100.00% Detection Rate
0.00% False Positives
Response TypeInput VectorDetection RateDetails
Reflected XSSHTTP GET (Query String Parameters)33 out of 33Detected: 1-30(1st&2nd),31,32 RXSS-Experimental-GET: 1,3
Reflected XSSHTTP POST (Body Parameters)33 out of 33Detected: 1-30(1st&2nd),31,32 RXSS-Experimental-POST: 1,3
False Positive RXSS Test CasesHTTP GET (Query String Parameters)0 out of 7None

WAVSEP Scan Log:
The test was initiated in front of each individual directory using the default configuration, a disabled port scanner feature, and without any optimizations.

The WIVET Score of the Scanner:
Detection AccuracyChart
92.0% Detection Rate

WIVET Scan Log:
Initialized WIVET's session, selected the default scan policy (you can only do an XSS scan anyway), limited the parallel connection threads to 1 single thread,
disabled the "ignore parameters on file extensions like js, css,etc", defined a valid session identifier and excluded the logout URL (100.php) by manually removing it from WIVET's menu.
I verified the results twice, and they came out the same.

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